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If you have been hearing great things about the HCG diet, and then you decide that you want to investigate it for yourself, then you will likely discover that the sheer volume of available information on the attention grabbing program has become quite overwhelming. Your biggest concern may revolve around how many dollars this diet is going to cost you by the time you finish the program. The scary part is that you may have seen a vast discrepancy in the price, ranging from $100 on up to nearly a thousand dollars. The high end of this price spectrum would be enough to discourage anyone from trying out a diet program, particularly since insurance typically does not cover the costs, and these considerable expenses must be paid for out of pocket and upfront too.

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Finding Discounts with HCG Programs

The good news today is that a variety of firms have come up with their own regular form of HCG variation that will not take every dollar that you have. This means that patients have choices when picking up a program provider. Regarding always-expensive doctors’ appointments, there are regular physicians that will allow you to obtain significant dollar volume discounts by bundling up their services in multiple visits. This is why you should never allow the potentially overwhelming seeming cost of the program to you from trying out a plan that could really work wonders for you personally.

It will not take you long to track down one of these rival companies that provide an over the counter cost effective version of the diet supplies, sprays, and drops. They are quite similar to the pharmaceutical produced HCG that cost a pretty dollar more. A primary difference lies in their using a homeopathic variation on the HCG that is generally considered to be equally potent. You should take care and investigate such a company and its claims because some firms out there are disreputable and unscrupulous with their false claims in their effort to make a dollar.

Prescription HCG

With the real by prescription – only HCG, the costs work out substantially differently. The expenses of the popular program will range considerably based on a number of factors. Those who are following the program devoutly will find themselves in a weekly doctor’s office visit scenario. You can be sure that you will pay for each and every visit.

On top of this, the physicians’ offices will charge you steeply for the pills, spray, injections, and miscellaneous supplies for the successful program. You can anticipate your insurance probably not covering your physician appointments. They will likely want at least a hefty co-pay of between $20 and $40. Consider that if you go to the doctor’s office once per week each week for six appointments, this is going to set you back more than $200 likely.

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It gets worse if you are attending a facility that is out of your provider’s network. These co-pays will likely run $50 to $60 instead. This is not chump change when you multiply it by six appointments.

None of these out of pocket high costs factor in the price of HCG injections. These run typically $200 in only the first round of HCG, needles, and used needles disposal services. Some patients have complained that it actually ran them closer to $400 for the supplies and HCG shots. With the alternative HCG pills, the expenses are considerably less, though this might still range from $25 to $50 per month. HCG nasal spray is another route you can take to save money (over the price of the costly injections). At from $100 to $150 per bottle (that holds you the entire diet period), you are saving several hundred dollars and still getting effectively administered doses of the quality HCG product.

Homeopathic Forms of HCG

It is true that the homeopathic HCG prices range wildly from one company to the next one. Yet all else being equal, you can say with confidence that a set of bottles of the high quality product (that runs you 23 days) will set you back somewhere between $85 and $100. Some firms provide two bottles for the cost of one and a few more dollars, or two bottles for the cost of a single bottle even. If you start the diet with a friend or family member, then you can effectively divide the cost in half, making it a highly viable option for most people living and dieting on a budget.

The good news is that there are several firms now which offer the HCG alternatives. Should you be incapable of taking their version of HCG for some reason, you will find that the cost runs around as much as the traditional HCB drops. Many patients have tried the homeopathic alternatives and discovered personally that these are just as effective in dropping pounds during the duration of the program as are the actual pharmaceutical variations.

The Cost of HCG Approved Foods

Naturally the formula which you take via injection, spray, or pills is not the only cost that you will incur (along with doctor visits). There are also the considerable costs of the HCG diet-approved foods. The daily amount of calories you consume on the program means that your grocery bills really should not be much (if at all) higher. The HCG diet means that you have to be choosy with what foods you purchase. This leads to less bargain hunting options.

Take a real world example to better understand what this means. If you are buying normal ground beef (full of terrible hormones and unhealthy preservatives), then this will run you around $4 per pound. Leaner free-range beef will cost you double this amount at $8 per pound. You are limited to 200 protein grams a day with this HCG program. Your pound of beef will hold you for about two days’ time. Organic vegetables and fruits will definitely cost you more than normal produce does. You can obtain them at most any supermarket or green market nowadays though. Ethnic and discount markets will have better prices for them most of the time.

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The truth is that your first grocery bills will be more than you hoped they would. Yet you are saving going out to eat at restaurants, which means that your overall food costs will drop. You may need to buy supplements in the course of the diet (like B-12 vitamins), and it will increase your overall food costs accordingly. Yet the daily health benefits of vitamins will significantly boost your all-around health and provide you with a natural sense of well-being.

You should realize that the final HCG program cost will run you as much as you allow it to. A great number of dieters have discovered that by following the program closely, they will drop the weight they had wanted to lose. Affording the weekly physicians’ office visits is great, even though it will raise your overall costs for the diet program. If you cannot realistically afford this, then simply hunt down a dependable and ethical diet supplies store for your program supplies and then join a good diet support network, so that they can help you to reach all of your dieting goals.