Headaches on the HCG Diet

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If you are on the hcg diet you should be aware that it is known to cause headaches. The reason for this is that the metabolic process of your body changes because of the diet. During the period when your body is getting used to this diet, headaches are a common occurrence. They generally strike days after you start the diet.

Headaches on the HCG Diet

How To Manage

Managing an hcg diet requires certain things of you. It becomes important to drink water, as dehydration is a common cause of headaches. Getting the right amount of sleep is also crucial to the process. Some people who have tried the hcg diet have found that they sleep less while they are following it. They often experience headache as a result.

When you experience the loading phase of the diet, it is important to eat fatty foods. Doing so will help you avoid the symptoms of a lack of carb in your diet. Prior to beginning your diet if you eat too many carbs you will also experience headache symptoms. As a result, hcg must be fully understood before you embark on the diet. You may also experience headaches while following hcg if you consume too much sugar. When you have a headache while on hcg it is likely that the hcg is not to blame. What is to blame is the metabolic detoxification you can experience as a result of consuming sugar. In addition, you are likely to experience nausea, sore muscles and maybe even hunger and food cravings.

What It Does To You

Note that hcg can cause you to experience headaches due to your body receiving fuel differently. Within your body hcg keeps the fat you have stored and sends it into your blood stream. While this gives your body energy it can also leave you with a headache.

Headaches HCG Diet

Relieving Headaches

To relieve a headache you experience due to hcg you can eat apples. This can substitute for any fruit you might have as part of either breakfast or lunch. If for some reason apples are not an option for you to treat headaches, aspirin is a safe alternative. It helps to have some handy when you start following hcg.


Following the hcg diet can be effective if done correctly. While you may get a headache from it you will likely lose weight in the process. When you experience a headache you can treat it like you would any other. The experience of this diet can leave you feeling like a new person. Since you can easily treat a headache there is no reason why you can’t successfully experience this diet.