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Coming up with a solid, foolproof plan can be one of the hardest parts of a diet, but with the HCG weight loss program, it’s not difficult at all to formulate an HCG diet plan. The key things to remember are the low-calorie intake necessary for the HCG diet to work, the HCG diet plan food list, and of course strict adherence to the official HCG diet plan. Following the phases exactly as they are outlined to you is very important, as these phases are crucial for the HCG step by step diet plan to start maximizing the burning of fats in your body.

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First things first, though. Since you are wondering how to start the HCG diet, lets go ahead and take a quick look at the overall structure before getting into the specifics.

HCG Diet Plan

There are several main parts to consider for the official HCG diet plan. With many diets, there is only a list of foods or meals that can be eaten along with a schedule, but the HCG step by step diet plan is a little more involved.

First, there is the intake of HCG, which is crucial for helping your body start boosting its metabolism. The intake can be one of the several methods, either by injection, HCG drops, or HCG pills. These will be mentioned in more detail elsewhere.

Along with the intake of HCG is the HCG diet plan food list. Keeping track of which foods you can eat and which foods must be avoided is very important, as any missteps here can be detrimental to seeing the expected results of the diet. From the HCG diet plan food list comes the HCG diet meal plan, which shows you how to prepare the foods from the list to create HCG prepared meals. Again, make sure that you don’t deviate from the food list or HCG prepared meals. Keeping yourself on the low-calorie diet is important to your HCG diet meal plan’s success.

Lastly, it is very important to follow the schedule outlined in the different phases of the diet plan.

Starting the HCG Diet: How to Prepare

So now it’s time to start preparing for the HCG weight loss program. Preparation is just as important for starting HCG diet as any other step, as not preparing properly can cause the rest of the steps to not produce the expected results. What should be done prior to starting any of the phases of the diet is to get your supply of HCG, regardless of which form it comes in. Also, make sure that your intake of HCG is supervised by a medical professional or someone else who is authorized to supervise such things, especially if you decide to take HCG injections.

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Once you have taken care of your HCG intake, it is time to put together your list of foods along with your HCG prepared meals. The HCG meal plan is especially important, as you need to come to terms with which foods to eat and which to avoid prior to the start of your diet.

The most important part of the preparation process will be summoning the will power to start and maintain your diet. This is always the hardest part of any diet, but anyone with the will to lose weight and maintain the weight loss should be able to overcome any desire to break the diet. Just remember that the beginning part is the hardest, and it will only become easier after that!

The Main Phases of the HCG Diet

Now that you have prepared for starting HCG diet, it is time to talk about the four main phases of the diet in-depth. This way you will know what to expect during the course of your diet.

Phase 1: Loading – 2 days

The first phase of the diet is always everyone’s favorite part of it: the Loading phase. The reason for this is that you are not only just allowed, but highly encouraged, to eat anything and everything you want, in the largest portions that you can. Doing this will allow your body to store essential fats that will be needed during the duration of the diet.

Phase 2: Core Phase – 30 to 40 days

HCG diet Phase 2 is the core part of the diet. This is where all your preparation will come into play. You will start and maintain a strict regimen of a 500 calorie per day diet during this phase. Your meals will be carefully planned and prepared so as not to inadvertently go over the 500 calorie limit. Your breakfast will include a cup of coffee or tea without sugar (but with an approved sweetener, if so desired). Lunch and dinner will consist of carefully portioned servings from your food list, consisting of a small amount of protein coupled with a fruit or vegetable. You will follow this course throughout the HCG diet Phase 2, which will train your body to start naturally boosting its metabolism while burning the fats that were stored during Phase 1.

Phase 3: Stabilization – 2 to 3 weeks

Phase 3 is what is referred to as the Stabilization phase of the HCG diet. You will stay on the 500 calorie plan for a few more days, but this time without the HCG intake. This will clear your body of HCG and allow it to reset itself to its boosted metabolism without the need of HCG. After 2 or 3 days, you will then introduce a few previously forbidden foods such as milk and other dairy products back into your diet in small portions. This phase of the diet is where your body will stabilize into its new metabolic performance.

Phase 4: Maintenance

Phase 4 is where your diet will mostly return back to normal. You can now start having some sugars and starches in your diet again. By this time your body should be used to the small portion sizes, so binge eating may not even be possible. Remember, it is best to slowly reintroduce things back into your diet, so make sure your take things slow and easy!

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HCG Diet Food List for Phase 2

Here is a basic food list that you will use during Phase 2 of the HCG diet. The later phases will allow you to slowly reintroduce foods not on this list into your diet, but it is very, very important to stick with this food list during Phase 2.

  • Protein: Chicken breast, fresh fish (white), beef, shellfish (lobster, crab, shrimp)
  • Vegetables: Most green leafy vegetables are recommended, such as lettuce, spinach, and cabbage. Cucumbers, Asparagus, and radishes and beets are also allowed. Tomatoes and onions are also recommended.
  • Fruit: Apples, oranges, grapefruit, and strawberries.
  • Starches: Melba toast
  • Seasonings: Salt, pepper, vinegar, garlic, parsley, etc.

Oil, butter, and various dressings and seasoning mixes must be avoided during Phase 2. Also, sugars and starches that are not on the above food list must also be avoided.

Ticking Ticking with this food list during Phase 2 with your HCG meal plan should allow your HCG diet to bring the maximum success to your weight loss efforts. So now that you know how to start the HCG diet, you should be well on your way to realizing your dreams.