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Raised interest to the HCG weight loss system is primarily determined by the fact that weight disorder is one of the most burning issues men and women are concerned about. In search of an acting and efficient technique, lots have grown desperate, possessing a low belief in any progress at all. When someone is telling them about the newly introduced diet programs, people just show their absolute skepticism for they are too afraid of being disappointed again. And yet, the problem of overweight remains unsolved and the question of finding an effective method of treatment stays open.

HCG for Weight Loss

Suppose, a major part of our readers have tried a whole variety of diets, pellets, supplements and other stuff in their attempts to lose an excessive weight. Some apply to the eastern therapy techniques like Shiatsu; others use more drastic measures in order to achieve the desired effect real fast. One should stress that sometimes people may lose their common sense, being so heavily obsessed with the overweight matter. Surely, the consequences are then too dire, since sufferers try to act without any prior nutritionist’s advice. Before drawing hasty conclusions one should clearly realize that you can’t possibly get a visible effect in just a week or so. The acting approach requires at least a month of systematic work. Expectedly, the HCG weight loss program is no exception. But the distinct feature of it is that it works flawlessly.

What does HCG do for weight loss?

Basically, HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone that’s responsible for a normal functioning of the male and female reproductive system. In its pure state HCG is also called a glycoprotein (simply a mass of amino acids). The increasing number of hormone is known to be produced by the pregnant women, as their organisms adjust to nourishing both themselves and their babies. And if the calories are not enough, they are taken from fat stores.

Beginning with 1950s by Dr. Simeon the studies have shown that HCG shots for weight loss stimulate the elimination of fat cells when a person is on a strict calorie diet. The effect is spread on the fat cells only, not affecting the muscle tissues. Normally, fat in our body plays a big part in general nutrition and organs protection. But the excess of it (usually in the area of thighs, hips and stomach) leads to a variety of disorders, making a primary impact on a cardio-vascular system. And so, the HCG regular injections in combination with diet program force these excessive cells to mobilize, which usually results in a sustainable weight loss.

The HCG diet protocol works in a way that you restrict your calorie income to just 500 calories per day. The daily consumption includes a small portion of fruit, vegetables, and protein. If you obey the program strictly, an average weight loss on HCG diet may reach 2 pounds per day! Regular dosage of HCG hormone will utilize the fat stores as an alternative source of nutrition and help ensure the muscle tissues are fully retained.

What Does HCG Do For Weight Loss

Types of HCG products which help you to lose weight

Regarding the types of HCG products, one may currently figure out the three most spread of them:

  • HCG injections/shots
  • HCG drops
  • HCG pills/sublingual tablets

HCG injections

The reason people choose shots instead of other product types is that you’re injecting HCG hormone for weight loss directly into your body without need of taking a high dosage. Therefore, the effect is faster and more stable. The injections are supplied with a full kit and come professionally packed, so you can be sure that the meds are intact. Also, this type of product’s use has been successfully applied since 1950’s and it’s not a new or untested concept. Most customers admit, if injections are used properly, the results are then truly impressive. The only slight inconvenience is that medication requires refrigeration and it has a short shelf-life. But for those who choose a responsible approach to program, it’s not a concern.

HCG drops

As a matter of fact, many customers would prefer drops to injections since they represent a non-invasive, painless form of treatment. But it’s not the only advantage people find in this particular type of product. Drops are also much more affordable as they are nearly two times cheaper than the shots. They contain the same acting hormone just involve no additional inconveniences in use. To add more, drops don’t require refrigeration, meaning you can take them anywhere with you. The medication is absolutely natural and causes no side effects if used correctly. It eliminates excessive weight nearly as effective as the injections. Normally, the drops are subdivided into two subgroups: homeopathic and prescription type. The choice of type depends on how many fat deposits you want to burn.

HCG pills

Frequent injections, same as drops counting, may be unsuited for the majority of people for a number of reasons. It doesn’t necessarily refer to the phobia of needles, just might be connected with the inconveniences it creates. Therefore, using sublingual tablets is a preferable type of meds taking for them. The form of a dry pill eliminates the need for refrigeration and also extends the medication’s shelf-life significantly. Although, the hormone absorption rate is lower in a case with tablets, the higher dosage of those solves the issue easily. In what refers to the HCG system length, it usually takes 23 – 40 days per course (the course is prescribed individually). In an attached instruction you’ll find all the necessary information regarding treatment intervals and a dosage per day.

In case someone wants to know the cost of HCG weight loss program we can provide the average numbers that are currently met throughout the net starting with the highest:

  • Pills – 160$
  • Injections – 140$
  • Drops – 75-80$

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