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One of the best things about the HCG diet is the wide variety of options that people have when it comes to choosing supplements. Over the years, new forms of HCG intake have become available on the market, making it easier and more convenient for people to have their daily HCG intake. Even today, new products are still being tested and made available to the public.

HCG Pellets

Innovation is a fairly common thing when it comes to diet aides, and HCG diet aides are no exception. One of the more recent innovations for the HCG diet are HCG pellets. These provide another method of HCG intake that is more convenient that some of the older methods such as injections or drops, while still being effective. With the relatively recent introduction of HCG pellets, diet convenience and effectiveness with the HCG diet has broadened.

If you are thinking about whether or not to buy HCG pellets instead of one of the other HCG intake methods, then you will want to read on here for more information about them, such as what they are, their effectiveness, and even where to buy HCG pellets. It is best to educate yourself on these before taking the plunge with them.

What are HCG Pellets?

HCG Pellets are one of the more recent HCG intake methods that have been made available. In simple terms, they are almost like a cross between HCG drops and HCG pills. HCG pellets contain pure HCG that has been synthesized into a hardened state and made into the form of a pellet. These are oral supplements similar to drops, in that they are taken by dissolving them under the tongue.

With all forms of HCG, the daily HCG intake is meant to go into your bloodstream so that it can be distributed to the different parts of your body where the excess body fat is stored. With the HCG pellets diet, this method of intake is taken in a similar manner as HCG drops, where it is absorbed into your body through the membrane underneath your tongue. Unlike with drops, the pellets are meant to be stored under your tongue, as they need to dissolve before they can be absorbed into the body.

How to Take

As we already stated, HCG pellets instructions are relatively simple. Instructions on how to take HCG pellets will generally apply to most kinds of pellets that you can buy. Simply place the HCG pellet underneath your tongue, and let it sit there so that it has time to dissolve in your mouth. Most HCG pellets will dissolve quickly, but you may need to wait a full minute to let it completely dissolve and be absorbed in the membrane area under your tongue. After a minute, any remaining powder that remains from the dissolved HCG pellet can be swallowed. It is best to not eat or drinking anything for 10 minutes before and after taking your HCG pellets.

Since each individual pellet is pretty small, you will usually need to take multiple pellets at a time, three times a day in order to get your full daily amount of HCG. The actual size of each pellet, and how much HCG each pellet contains may vary depending on the type of pellets that you buy, so make sure that you read the instructions on how to take HCG pellets thoroughly for your particular package. Reading the HCG pellets instructions before taking them is highly recommended.

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Types of HCG Pellets

When looking to buy HCG pellets online, you will probably notice many different kinds. HCG pellets, while relatively new, have now proliferated into many different brands by different manufacturers. While most HCG pellets are similar, it’s always best to make sure that you are using the best HCG pellets available.

As with all other forms of HCG intake, the types of pellets that you want to buy are prescription HCG pellets. A prescription is required for all forms of real HCG, and this includes real HCG pellets. Buying HCG pellets that include real HCG is a must for following the HCG diet, as the body will need real HCG in order to boost your metabolism and burn the excess fat.

HCG Homeopathic Pellets

When looking for HCG pellets for sale, you may notice some that are labeled as HCG homeopathic pellets. You should stay away from these, as homeopathic HCG pellets do not use real HCG. Instead, they use different natural elements that are meant to work the same as HCG. Care should be taken ensure that you buy real HCG pellets instead of the homeopathic HCG pellets, as only real HCG will provide you with the necessary elements for the HCG diet. HCG homeopathic pellets should not be taken with the HCG diet.

Where to Buy

HCG pellets for sale can be found in many different places, especially on the internet. However, not all dealers of HCG pellets will be the same. Since it is regulated by the government, you can only legally buy HCG pellets with a prescription. If you are looking for where to buy HCG pellets, we recommend finding a dealer that has a doctor on staff.

Any dealer that sells the best HCG pellets will require a prescription in order to purchase them. If you do not have a prescription from a doctor, though, then you will want to find a dealer that sells prescription HCG pellets that has a doctor on staff. Any doctor on staff should be able to provide you with a prescription so that you can buy HCG pellets online legally and safely.

Benefits and Possible Side Effects

As with any form of HCG, there are certain benefits and side effects that can be encountered when following the HCG diet. With HCG pellets, one of the biggest benefits to them is the convenience and ease of use they provide when taking you daily HCG intake. Since you don’t need to measure any kind of liquid or deal with needles and syringes, HCG pellets provide a quick and easy way of taking your daily HCG dose.

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However, there are also some possible HCG pellets side effects, which is normal for any form of HCG intake. These side effects can include nausea, headaches, insomnia, dizziness, and constipation. Although these side effects may sound serious, following the HCG diet plan and the instructions for taking your HCG pellets strictly should help minimize any possible HCG pellet side effects.