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The HCG diet is a revolutionary diet that utilizes the hormone HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in conjunction with a very low-calorie diet. Using HCG with a very low-calorie diet allows the body to burn stored fat reserves instead of muscle, and boosts the metabolism, allowing a person to lose and keep off excess weight.

HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a hormone that is naturally produced in the body, particularly by pregnant females. The hormone is produced by the body to allow pregnant women to properly metabolize food that is eaten, and allow the digested food to be distributed to the necessary parts of the body, including to the fetus.

Since HCG is a hormone, its sale is regulated by the FDA, and thus requires a prescription from a licensed doctor in order to be purchased. HCG can be legally purchased for any reason as prescribed by a doctor.

The amount of weight that can be lost on the HCG diet will largely depend on multiple factors, such as the dieter’s starting and target weights, the amount of calories consumed during each phase of the diet, and the amount of time that the person stays on the diet.

HCG is perfectly safe for men. Men’s bodies naturally produce HCG in very small quantities during the course of a lifetime. Furthermore, HCG in the male body has the same effect as the hormone LH, which functions as a hormone boosting agent.

HCG can be injected in any part of the body that contains fatty tissue. However, it is highly recommended to inject HCG into the fatty tissue in the stomach area. HCG should not be injected into the same place twice, as this runs the risk of damaging blood vessels and can cause blood clots.

HCG provides a boost to the body’s metabolism while undergoing the low-calorie diet. HCG allows the body to burn process stored fats in the body, which results in the loss of excess fat. This, coupled with a very low-calorie diet, will result in quick and safe weight loss.

Foods that are required to be eaten on the HCG diet are meats with high protein content, such as chicken breast, fresh fish, low-fat beef, and shellfish, coupled with leafy vegetables and fresh fruit such as strawberries, apples, and oranges. Most seasonings except for salt, pepper, garlic, and parsley should be avoided. The specific foods can vary depending on the phase of the diet.

The HCG diet plan has four phases. A plan that maps out which foods can be eaten and the total number of daily calories that can be consumed for each day during the particular phase of the diet. The early phases of the diet require no more than 500 calories each day to be consumed along with the daily HCG intake.

The 500 calorie diet plan is to be followed during the second phase of the HCG diet and through the first several days of the third phase. The 500 calorie diet, coupled with HCG intake, allows your body to minimize the calories that are taken into the body each day, allowing the body to burn stored fats in your body, resulting in rapid weight loss.

Since the sale of HCG is regulated by the US government, HCG can only legally be purchased with a prescription by a licensed physician. Although some overseas pharmacies may follow this requirement, many do not. It is best to purchase HCG from a pharmacy located within the United States that follows the legal requirements.

Weight gain can occur based on the number of calories that are eaten on a daily basis, coupled with the amount of exercise that a person is getting. Sticking with a sensible diet similar to the diet followed during the course of the HCG diet, and getting plenty of exercises, will prevent weight gain from occurring.

HCG is a hormone that is naturally produced in the body, so it is perfectly safe. The HCG diet plan allows the metabolism to burn stored fats in the body, allowing the body to function normally while undergoing the very low-calorie diet.

HCG drops are a popular method of HCG intake, considered to be more convenient than HCG injections, yet allowing for maximum effectiveness. HCG drops are taken orally by placing the drops underneath the tongue and allowing the membrane under the tongue to absorb the HCG into the bloodstream.

HCG injections are the oldest method of HCG intake and also considered by many to be the most effective. HCG injections are taken by injecting the proper amounts of HCG into the fatty tissue of the body, allowing the HCG to be instantly absorbed into the bloodstream.

HCG pills are a relatively new method of HCG intake, meant to combine maximum effectiveness with ease of use. HCG pills are rapidly dissolving tablets containing HCG that are meant to be taken like any other kind of pill, which means that no extra equipment is needed for your daily HCG intake.

HCG pellets are a form of HCG intake, where the HCG is synthesized into a hardened pellet form. The pellets are taken orally by placing them under the tongue and letting them dissolve, which allows the HCG to be absorbed into the bloodstream through the membrane under the tongue.

HCG drops can be legally purchased with a prescription through any pharmacy that deals with HCG products. Many online pharmacies include a licensed physician on staff to help provide prescriptions for those who do not already have one.