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You have already learned everything you can about the overall HCG diet, including all of the phases, and what foods you can eat during the diet. Now, let’s go ahead and get started with the HCG diet plan phase 1. HCG Phase 1 tends to be everyone’s favorite part of the HCG diet. Why this is the case, though, won’t be a mystery once you learn the specifics about the HCG diet plan phase 1 food list. Once you start with the HCG diet day 1, you’ll understand why you are supposed to eat the foods recommended for this part of the diet.

HCG Diet Phase 1

HCG Diet Phase 1: Important Role of the First Step

Now that you’re ready to start HCG diet day 1, let’s talk about the overall importance of the HCG diet plan Phase 1. HCG Phase 1 is commonly known as the HCG Diet Loading Phase. What this means is that your body will need to store as much fat as possible prior to the start of the next phase of the diet. Your body will use these stored fats to provide extra nourishment for your body during the longer phases of a restricted diet.

The HCG diet loading days are just as important as any other phase. Starting with the HCG diet day 1, you should start loading your body with these extra fats. That means that you should be eating as much as you possibly can, as the later phases will last a long time, and your body will need to store as much as possible.

Also during this time, you should start your HCG intake, in whichever way you choose to take it. This is the time that your body will start storing the HCG, and start to utilize it to boost your metabolism.

Loading Days

So now you’ve started your HCG diet loading days. You should be eating whatever foods you can, and as much as you can, so that your body can start storing these fats for the later phases of the HCG diet. Your HCG diet foods phase 1 should consist of basically anything that you want to eat. In fact, the richer and more calorie-dense it is, the better! If you are trying to create an HCG diet meal plan phase 1, you should just imagine your best meals ever, and indulge in your deepest food fantasies during this phase. Of course, you should start this on your HCG diet day 1, and continue it for the full 3 days of your HCG diet loading days.

HCG Diet Phase 1 food

As stated before, the overall purpose of this loading phase is for your body to increase its fat stores to the max. Doing this will signal to your body that it should start boosting its fat-burning rate, along with your HCG intake. The more high-calorie foods you eat during this phase, the more your body should be able to store, which means the more fats that your body can start burning during the later phases of the diet.

Please note, that it is very important for you to not skip out on meals or to go easy on eating during this phase! Your HCG diet loading is just as important as the other phases, so make sure you are doing this phase properly. Do not skimp on your HCG diet foods phase 1. Make sure that your HCG diet food list phase 1 is loaded to the max with your favorite foods.

Foods Which You Should Eat during Phase 1

This is the fun part! Your HCG diet plan phase 1 food list should mirror your biggest food fantasies. When making your HCG diet meal plan phase 1, you should keep all of the above information in mind about how important it is to put as much into your body as you can. Your HCG diet plan phase 1 food list should consist of rich, fatty foods, those which you typically feel guilty about eating. Fried foods, rich desserts, sweet and very rich dressings, gravy, sauces, foods with high starch, and plenty of bread should be eating during this phase. In short, your HCG diet food list phase 1 should be your fantasy food list.

Maybe we can give you a good example of your HCG diet phase 1 food list. it’s perfectly fine to go to your favorite fast food restaurant to order a large, tasty burger, loaded with several meat patties, cheese, bacon, extra sauce, along with a large order of french fries and a rich ice cream dessert. And this is all just for lunch! Breakfasts should include plenty of eggs, cheese, bacon, maybe some nuts added in, along with plenty of ketchup, mayo, or any other condiment that you like. Dinners can be eaten out at your favorite barbecue joint, with plenty of pork, beef, potatoes, rich barbecue sauces, and another dessert. As you can see, there really isn’t much of a limit to your HCG diet phase 1 food list!