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When it comes to popular diets like Paleo, Atkins and South Beach, there are many to consider. However, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons may not be a household name for the specific dieting protocol that he helped create, which was the HCG Protocol. His manuscript, which was published in 1967, was titled, Pounds and Inches A NEW APPROACH TO OBESITY.

Pounds and Inches

In this manuscript, you will find relevant information like the summaries of all the phase of his diet, when to start and stop, his food list, etc. Indeed, A.T.W. Simeons M.D. worked astutely to outline a new way for people to address their own weight loss goals.

What Information Does “Pounds and Inches A NEW APPROACH TO OBESITY” Include?

The doctor’s manuscript provided key information concerning his in-depth medical research on the subject of obesity as well as the science behind creating the HCG Protocol. He described in this manuscript a specific process for weight loss, which involved tapping into the body’s irregular fat deposits.

With 86 chapters — Chapter 84 containing the doctor’s conclusion, you can expect a lot of quality reading. The foreword discusses the doctor’s interpretation of the nature of obesity itself. The doctor gon to discuss in the forward that it is not a new slimming diet. The doctor goes on to note that his clinical observations have led him to explain his new method to treat obesity, based on his theoretical considerations.

Here are some of the more interesting chapters:

  • Chapter 2 — The Nature Of Obesity
  • Chapter 3 — The History Of Obesity
  • Chapter 8 — The Hypothalamus
  • Chapter 24 — HCG no Sex Hormone

These chapters provide essential insights for those who are trying to take a different view on why humans become obese and how to reduce it over time.