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HCG injections for weight loss are generally the most effective way of taking your HCG intake for the HCG diet. This means that you probably have a lot of questions about how to use HCG injections. There are probably also more questions than just this, such as about HCG injection dosage or other related issues in regards to your HCG intake. We set up a guide for how to use HCG injections for you. We should be able to answer all of your questions regarding HCG injections instructions and the best way to take HCG injections.

how to use hcg injections

How to Use HCG Injections General Instructions

Before going into the nitty gritty of how to use HCG injections for weight loss, let’s just say this. Anyone who is wanting to know how use HCG injections for weight loss should consult with a doctor before starting the diet. Medical supervision is always the recommended route for taking any kind of injections.

However, we also understand that there are times and situations where this is not possible. That’s why we have this HCG injections instructions guide. Within this guide, we tell you how to mix the HCG injection, the correct HCG injections dose, where do you inject HCG, how often to inject HCG, and the best way to take HCG injections. Make sure that you follow all of these steps carefully.

Main Steps to Mix HCG Injections

By now you should have ordered an HCG injections kit. If so, then you need to make sure that your kit has all of the necessary materials, or if not, then that you have all of the necessary materials yourself. Here’s a list of the materials that you need for your HCG injection dosage for weight loss:

  • sterile mixing vial (20 cc recommended)
  • mixing syringe
  • 1 cc dosage syringe
  • alcohol pads
  • 30 cc bacteriostatic water

All of the above supplies are necessary for your HCG injection dosage for weight loss. The HCG diet typically recommends an HCG injection dosage for weight loss of 125 iu to 175 iu per day. We recommend starting with an HCG injection dosage of 150 iu, and then working up slowly to 200 iu. It is best not to exceed an HCG injection dosage of 200 iu, as the larger amount of HCG will not make any difference and will essentially be wasted.

hcg injections mix

If you are unsure of the correct HCG injection dose to use, then take a look at this HCG injection dosage chart:

  • 125 iu dose – .125 ml/cc – 12.5 units on syringe
  • 150 iu dose – .15 ml/cc – 15 units on syringe
  • 175 iu dose – .175 ml/cc – 17.5 units on syringe
  • 200 iu dose – .20 ml/cc – 20 units on syringe

This HCG injection dosage chart shows how to measure your HCG injection dosage, so keep it handy for reference when mixing your HCG injection dosage.

  • Step 1:
    Clean all of the vials carefully and thoroughly before doing anything with them, preferably with alcohol. Take off any covers or tops for the vials and clean these tops with alcohol. Using a simple, soft wipe is the best way to do this. Rubbing in a back and forth manner may be counterproductive, as this can have the effect of spreading contaminents.
  • Step 2:
    Break off the glass vials carefully, using the vial wrapper or a clean rag. Make sure that no glass gets into the vials. Make sure you clean the area on your body where you will administer the shot with an alcohol pad before administering the shot.
  • Step 3:
    Use the large needle mixing syringe to add the recommended amount of bacteriostatic water to the mixture vial. If you are unsure of the amount of bacteriostatic water to use, check the instructions for your particular brand of HCG for the recommended dosage. Once this is done, use the large mixing needle to draw 1 ml of bacteriostatic water and inject it into the HCG vial. Mix the vial carefully by gently moving it in a slow, circular motion, until all of the powder is dissolved.

Another important thing to note is that the pressure within the vials needs to be neutral. That means that the air pressure within the vial shouldn’t be causing the vial to either intake or exhale air. You can even out the air pressure by using the syringe to push in or pull out the appropriate amount of air.

hcg injections instruction

Also of importance is keeping both your hands and work area clean. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before touching any of the vials or other parts of the HCG injection kit, and clean your table or workspace with alcohol to disinfect it before opening any vials.

How to Self-Inject

Now let’s talk about how to inject HCG. Once you have properly mixed the HCG injections, it’s time to start your injection regimen. Your HCG injection schedule should coincide with the start of your diet, including during the loading phase. We recommend starting with an HCG injection dosage of 150 iu daily for the first week, increasing to 175 iu for the second week, and then to 200 iu for the third week, and maintaining this dosage for the rest of your injection schedule. Do not exceed a dosage of 200 iu, as an increased dosage will not make any difference in your diet, and will only waste your supply of HCG. The small increase to start is only for getting your body used to the HCG.

If you have questions about how often to inject HCG, check with your doctor or a medical professional for advice. It is very important to keep to a strict schedule with your HCG intake.

Follow these instructions for taking your daily dosage of HCG injections:

  • Step 1:The recommended area of your body for your HCG injections is in the fatty tissue around your stomach. Take a pinch of fat from your stomach area in your fingers, and insert the needle of your syringe into this area in a fast, quick motion. Be careful with this process. You want to jab the needle in while holding the syringe like a pencil. Make sure the needle goes in far enough to go into your fat layer.
  • Step 2: While the needle is in, slowly push in on the syringe to inject the HCG mixture into your body. Make sure you are doing this in a slow, steady manner to prevent air bubbles from coming back into the syringe before the HCG mixture is fully injected. Injecting too fast may cause the HCG to exit your body through the puncture hole.
  • Step 3:Once the mixture has been fully injected, leave the needle in for a second or two and then withdraw it slowly and steadily from your body.

If you’re uncertain about where do you inject HCG, we highly recommend that you administer your injections in your stomach area, not in your lower abdomen, thigh, or any other area of your body. Remember that the injections need to go into the fatty tissue, not directly into a vein, so make sure that the needle is going in the right amount into the tissue.

It is also important to rotate the area of your injections on a daily basis. Continuously injectinmixing hcg injections.g into the same spot can cause damage to your skin and veins, and will maintain an open wound that can easily get infected.


Make sure you clean your skin thoroughly before administering an injection. We recommend cleaning the spot of your injection with alcohol, once immediately before and after the injection. This should help prevent the risk of infection or of any bacteria entering the body through the injection.

If you have any other questions regarding how to mix and use HCG injections, we highly recommend consulting with your doctor for a trained medical professional. It is important to make sure that you know how to inject HCG properly, so you should always seek assistance if you are in doubt about anything.