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Weight loss, diets – these are very important topics on the minds of many people today, especially with the current problem of obesity in our country. Now more than ever, people are turning to fad diets in order to drop the untold pounds that they feel they need to lose. Along with exercise, dieting is a topic that is at the forefront of modern consciousness.

HCG Diet weight loss

Here, we are going to help separate fact from fiction. What is the HCG diet, and how many HCG diets are there? How can this diet help me? How can I start the HCG diet? These and many other important questions about HCG diet info will be answered here.

Main Information about HCG Diet

First of all, if you’re not familiar with it already, you may be asking what is HGC diet? The HCG diet is a new diet program that helps people utilize their natural body functions and naturally produced hormones to allow their body to constantly burn unused fats that are stored in the body. By utilizing the naturally produced hormone HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), a person’s metabolism is boosted at all times, even while at rest, resulting in the constant burn off unused fats that have been stored in the body.

The HCG diet program does not make people jump through unacceptable or nearly impossible hurdles in order to see results. People who follow the HCG diet program can enjoy a normal lifestyle while still being able to eat deliciously prepared food, and not having to inconvenience themselves with major lifestyle changes outside of the diet program. There are also very few HCG diet side effects, which means that your normal daily routine will undergo almost no disruptions.

How to Create the HCG Diet Program

Anyone who searches for HCG diet info can be overwhelmed with all of the information that is typically thrown at people about HCG diet instructions. However, here we can outline a very simple way to start your HCG diet. Creating and following the plan for the HCG diet is easy.

Main Information about HCG Diet

The first thing to do, of course, is to read up extensively on the diet, including reading about what is the HCG diet. If you don’t know what is HCG diet, there is a multitude of information about it on the internet, as well as many books written about the subject. Our basic overview above should have already given you the very basic information about what is the HCG diet.

The next thing to do is to find out what foods you are allowed to eat, and what foods you need to stay away from. During the first two days of the HCG diet, you can eat whatever food you want, during what is called the loading phase. However, after those things become much more strict, so make sure you carefully list your allowed foods along with their daily portion sizes.

The last step is to follow through with the HCG diet instructions.

How the Diet Works: The Four HCG Diet Phases

Below we show you the HCG diet phases, which consists of four distinct phases, including what to eat on the HCG diet.

Phase 1: Loading

In this phase, which is the first two days of the diet, you are allowed to eat anything you want, in whatever size portions you can. In fact, these two days are the days that you really should indulge yourself in anything you want, as all of the fats that are consumed during HCG diet phase 1 will be needed for the upcoming phase. Feeling like ordering a pizza, or downing a large cheeseburger helped down by a chocolate shake? No problem, indulge yourself to your heart’s desire! Remember, this phase lasts for only 2 days, so make them both count!

HCG Diet phase

Phase 2: Core Phase

This phase is where your diet really starts in earnest. All of the food that you indulged in during the first phase will now be put to use inside of your body, while you begin your practice of a very low-calorie diet.

You will only consume around 500 calories a day during this phase, so make sure you spread out your meals evenly throughout the day to avoid extreme hunger. Your breakfast can be very simple, a cup of coffee or tea without sugar. Lunches will consist of a small portion of meat along with a vegetable. Your dinner will be similar to lunch, with a portion of protein along with a fruit, vegetable, and an allowed bread product.

The length of phase 2 can vary, depending on how much weight you’re wanting to lose, but typically best results are experienced in 30 to 40 days.

Phase 3: Maintenance

This phase, being probably the most important of the HCG diet phases, is where you really train your body to start boosting its metabolism on its own. You will go three more days no the 500 calorie diet plan to allow all traces of HCG to leave your body. Once this happens, you can then start steadily increasing the number of calories each day, not exceeding 1500 calories.

Phase 4: Stabilization

This is the phase where your body finally stabilizes itself, with its metabolism now naturally boosted, and you can start to slowly go back to a regular diet. Slow is the key word here, and binge eating can destroy everything you’ve done so far. However, by this time, your body will be trained to work on a lower calorie diet, so the large food portions that you once enjoyed will simply be too much for you to eat.

Possible Side Effect of the HCG Diet

Being a very low-calorie diet, there are some possible side effects that you can experience while undergoing the diet. HCG diet side effects can include dizziness, nausea, light-headedness, and irritability. Some more severe side effects can also include blood clots from injections, and depression, which can be triggered by a low-calorie diet coupled with regular intakes of caffeine.

However, all of these side effects can be avoided by careful administration of the diet, as well as strict adherence to it.

Popular Types of HCG Products

The original Dr. Simeons HCG Diet advocated the use of HCG injections, so this remains one of the more popular types of products associated with the diet. However, in more recent years, some products marketed as Simeons HCG Diet drops have appeared, giving people an alternative to regular injections. As these drops are not as well-documented, and may be illegal for sale over the counter, we recommend using the HCG diet injections instead, as outlined by the original Dr. Simeons HCG Diet. Simeons HCG diet injections should always be administered by a health care provider, to make sure that the proper dosage is administered, and for the overall supervision of the Simeons HCG diet.


HCG diets can seem daunting at first, but with patience and strict adherence, you will find yourself in a better body than you have ever had. If you had any questions about what is HCG diet, these should now be answered.