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Indeed, we live in the epoch, when and where obesity is sometimes a big issue and not a rare thing. At the same time, 21st century is full of opportunities and developments on how to lose this same weight easily and without experiencing any problems. Therefore, when women start browsing the net searching for possible ways of losing weight, very often, they come across “HCG for women” – a special diet that was developed by British nutrition specialists.

hcg for women

To say more of it, HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a natural hormone that is quickly absorbed, thus activating hypothalamus, which in its turn releases and mobilizes irregular fats (storage of fat around the waist, hips, belly, upper arm, etc), found in an organism. After that, it uses these fats as a source of either energy or nutrition. That’s why when you are on a very low-carb diet, HCG helps an organism to compensate the difference in so-required calories and keeps functioning on a basis of stored fat, which makes it a source of nutrition for a body. As a result, one sees a very fast weight loss process.

Furthermore, HCG diet for women reached titanic popularity worldwide: it was everywhere starting from multiple ads in magazines and finishing with TV shows. Nowadays, it is still very popular, due to its amazing results and achievements people gain thanks to it.

How HCG can work for women: the main functions

As it was aforementioned, HCG is an abbreviation for “human chorionic gonadotropin” – a hormone, which is inside a person’s body at a certain level. But now is the time to get to know its main functions as well as working principles for women.

  • The first and most important of its functions is – regulation of metabolism, which is basically the major secret of a HCG diet. The point is that there are two main roles of this particular hormone – control and usage of stored fat kept in the body, with an aim to release enough quantity of calories;
  • Its second function is accumulation of fat and turning it into energy. In simple words, HCG – is a natural fat burner that is produced in a human’s body biologically;
  • When fat is turned into energy, it automatically burns even in the most difficult body parts;
  • And of course, fourth function is loosing weight

Benefits of HCG for women

The biggest challenge for people suffering from obesity – is a constant uncontrolled feeling of hunger, bad metabolic activity and abnormally huge number of fat depot in problem areas. It is proved that HCG diet successfully corrects all these issues and people get rid of excessive weight for the rest of their lives due to its benefits, which are the following:

  • No more constant food cravings;
  • No more fat depot in different body areas;
  • No cellulite;
  • Raises energy and consequently, mood too;
  • Keeps you fit forever;

Weight loss procedure should never turn into some sort of a torture. That’s why HCG diet is so advised and recommended, as a method of weight management.

hcg benefits for women

Infertility treatment for females with HCG

As you read, analyze, and understand, HCG is used not only for weight loss but also for infertility treatment. There are special HCG injections for women aimed at curing infertility connected with absence of ovulation. For the confirmation of anovulation diagnosis, ultrasound investigation should be made. If the follicle doesn’t break, then reproduction of ovulation is stimulated artificially by the HCG hormone. This particular injection should be made only by a professional doctor, in the middle of a cycle, since at this time it stimulates further luteinization of a broken follicle and later keeps supporting a normal function of a yellow body, thus encouraging successful fertility. 2-3 days after HCG injection, it is advised to check the progress and successfulness of the operation due to ultrasound and define the dates of insemination.

Apart from that, HCG injection for pregnancy is used for stimulation of superovulation when it comes to extracoronal fertilization. Superovulation – is a growing of several eggs during one menstrual cycle. During the IVF (in vitro fertilization), doctors are trying to receive a few eggs at once, thus creating more chances for pregnancy.

Possible side effects of HCG for women

Every medical product has its cons and HCG diet side effects for women are not an exception. Despite its effective fight with obesity, it should be noticed that these hormones can lead to different changes in a human’s body.

They are the following:

  • thrombus formation;
  • melancholy mood;
  • decline of adrenal body work;
  • rise of a fertilization ability, which is not always an advantage;

Before start dieting, it is recommended to make an appointment with a doctor and check everything, especially if some chronic illnesses are presented or medicaments are taken daily. Only after full and complete check and doctor’s recommendations, a final decision should be made.