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Finding the right intake method for the HCG during the diet is one of the most important steps in your weight loss protocol. If you have taken a look at all of your HCG intake options, and have settled on taking HCG drops as your best option, then you are probably trying to find where to buy HCG drops.

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Finding HCG drops for sale is an important step in itself, mainly because not all HCG drops are the same. Looking on the internet, one can find many online dealers that sell diet supplements, including HCG drops, and the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming for those who don’t really know what to look for. Some HCG diet drops for sale may have differing characteristics than others, the packaging might look different, or there may be other differences between different HCG drops kits that seem confusing.

If you are confused about where to purchase HCG drops and which kinds to look for, then we can help you sort through the mess and find exactly what you need. Read on for some helpful information on where to find HCG drops for sale online.

How to Purchase

First things first. Where can you buy HCG drops? You actually have quite a few options in finding HCG drops. Where to buy them may depend on a few factors, though, the most important of which will be the legality of doing so.

HCG as a medical substance is regulated by the FDA, so it will be necessary to have a prescription available in order to purchase HCG drops. Any company within the United States that sells HCG products will have a license to do so, and this license requires them to be provided with a prescription by the customer before they are able to sell the HCG drops to you. With any place that sells HCG drops, sale of the drops is restricted without a prescription.

Can I Purchase HCG Drops Without a Prescription?

If you do not currently have a prescription to buy HCG drops online, then don’t worry. Many of the best online stores that have HCG drops for sale online will have a doctor on staff that can write the prescription for you. Usually this will entail some paperwork as well as a consultation by the doctor before you are able to purchase HCG drops, but the best online stores will have this all available as a very quick and streamlined process, so you shouldn’t have much inconvenience from this fact.

HCG Drops For Sale

Outside of the legal issues, it’s also best practice to utilize the service provided by online stores with a doctor on staff for consultation. As has been mentioned before, it’s always best to have some type of professional supervision or consultation before taking any kind of substances for dietary reasons, and this includes HCG. A doctor can give you sound advice for following the diet, as well as giving good instructions on taking your HCG drops. Sale of the drops may not depend on the consultation specifically, but it’s always a good idea to talk to the doctor first.

Buying from a Foreign Store

One word of caution is necessary when talking about looking for HCG Drops. Where to buy can be just as important as what kind of drops you buy, so you want to make sure you are only buying from known, trusted stores that are located in the United States. If you buy HCG Diet Drops from a foreign online store, you may save a little bit of money in comparison to a local store, but you may end up causing more problems that make the purchase a wasted experience.

Most foreign stores that have HCG drops for sale are not able to guarantee the quality of the buying experience, which means that any problems that you have with your order will be much harder to deal with. That, coupled with the longer shipping times that one usually experiences with foreign online stores, can cause problems. Also, many of the foreign online stores do not sell HCG legally, and probably won’t have a doctor on staff to provide you with a prescription, if needed. Basically, it’s best to pay a little extra by buying from a local store. This will end up saving you time and money in the long run.

Recommendations on Where to Buy

If you are still wondering where to buy HCG drops, the best thing to do is ask around. Join an online forum dedicated to the HCG diet, and ask other dieters where they buy HCG drops online. You can also try searching for reviews of different online retailers, as many customers like to rate their buying experience from specific online stores. It shouldn’t be difficult to find others who can tell you where to purchase HCG drops.

What Kind of HCG Drops Kit Should I Buy?

Once you have sorted out where to purchase HCG drops, you want to figure out which kit you should buy. This is just as important as figuring out where can you buy HCG drops, as there are many different kits by many different manufacturers out there. Not all HCG diet drops for sale are equal, and we will talk about some of the difference you may encounter.

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For instance, when you try to buy HCG diet drops, you may come across some drops that are HCG homeopathic drops, that are advertised as an alternative or replacement for real HCG drops. You want to stay away from these drops, as they do not contain real HCG, and will not have the same effect on your body as real HCG.

Also stay away from HCG diet drops that are from unknown manufacturers. These kinds of drops may simply be advertised as “HCG Diet Drops”, and may not have a company name or any way to associate the manufacturer. Stay clear of these as well, as they are most often of dubious quality and shouldn’t be used in your HCG diet.

What are the Best HCG Drops to Buy?

We know you want to find the best HCG drops to buy, so we can give you some suggestions on this subject. If you have asked around to other people who use HCG drops, then they have undoubtedly told you about their own opinions on the best HCG drops to buy. If these people have already gone through the HCG diet, then they are very experienced with purchasing HCG drops online, and can tell you which brands have worked best for them.