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For fast, effective weight loss that doesn’t leave you at the brink of starvation as you battle intense, diet-related cravings, the HCG is an ideal solution. Backed by medical professionals, the concept actually enables the body to burn its own fat stores, thus eliminating unhealthy body fat at a record speed.

Hair Loss HCG Diet

Hair loss has been linked to this phenomenal diet, but you shouldn’t worry about this or let it deter the adoption of this physician-approved program. Let’s take a closer look at how the HCG diet is unique from other plans and why you shouldn’t worry about any current or potential hair loss you experience. Also, it’s crucial to note that this condition is extremely rare, and the benefits of the HCH diet far exceed this side effect.

First, the Plan

The HCG plan is simple: dieters consume a diet low in calories while supplementing with HCG. The result is massive weight loss since the body is actually burning and using its own body fat as the primary source of fuel. Many times, with other plans, initial weight loss is strictly due to water weight.

Also, even though calories counts for this program are low, you should bear in mind that the body enters ketosis as a result. During ketosis, the body switches from carbohydrate-burning to fat-burning mode, producing these unique structures known as ketones. This metabolic state prevents the brain from thinking and behaving as though it’s being significantly deprived of calories.

Due to the unique nature of this metabolic state, your body can undergo hormonal changes that can possibly contribute to hair loss, either when you’re just starting or stopping the plan. Since HCG is a pregnancy hormone, this isn’t too surprising since many women experience a significant amount of shedding after giving birth as the body’s hormones even out and eventually return to normal. You should relax and not worry, realizing that this temporary condition is just a normal response to hormonal changes.

The Importance of Following the Diet

Of course, to prevent any unwanted side-effects from the HCG diet, you must follow it exactly. Once your body exits ketosis, your brain will recognize the low calorie count as starvation, which can cause a host of health-related issues. Basically, if the plan is broken, the body goes into “panic mode” as it reacts to the switch to an emergency metabolic state. There’s no reason to worry, however, since the body is simply switching metabolic states. To prevent this, you just need to stick to the plan and regularly take HCG as recommended or prescribed. There should be no “cheat days” since a consistent state of ketosis must be achieved in order for the diet plan to work effectively and to minimize side effects.

HCG Diet hair.

The Benefits of Supplementation

Of course, for healthy skin and appearance overall, a simple vitamin supplement, such as biotin, can help to boost health and compensate for any nutrients lost through rapid weight loss. You should also consider using a high-quality multivitamin and mineral supplement to help power through energy slumps and natural bodily changes as you adjust to the plan.

Finally, dieters should consider the incredible benefits of a new metabolic state and the accompanying weight loss that follows. Indeed, due to the nature of the HCG diet, rapid weight loss can result, but your body is simply adjusting to the drastic change. Any hair loss experienced is just a temporary issue that will resolve itself through diligence, supplementation, and proper self-care. Regrowth will naturally follow the body’s adjusting to a new lifestyle, so you shouldn’t worry about any lasting effects.

A Final Recap

The HCG diet is a powerful solution for weight loss, but the goal is to stay consistent, get plenty of rest, drink lots of water, and supplement with a multivitamin or biotin supplement as needed. A diet should prove a holistic lifestyle change, and adopting a solid self-care regimen is a huge part of this powerful transition.