When faced with the different choices of HCG intake for the HCG diet, people can sometimes feel confused about which method of intake is the best. With injections, pills, drops, or patches, it can be confusing to know which provides the best effectiveness with the least amount of worries.

How to Take HCG Drops

This is why HCG drops have become a very popular intake method. HCG drops provide an effective way of taking the right HCG drops dosage without having to deal with needles, mixers, vials, and other not very convenient tools for taking HCG. They are also more appealing for those who don’t like needles and can’t stand the thought of having to inject themselves with something.

If you are one of these type of people, then you have probably determined that HCG drops are the right intake method for you. However, you probably have some questions about them before diving in, particularly regarding how to take HCG drops. If you are not sure how to take HCG drops correctly, or how to measure the right HCG drops dose, then you will want to read on to help make sure that HCG drops are the right HCG intake method for you.

What are HCG Drops?

HCG drops are a method of HCG intake that is orally administered. They are different from HCG injections in that they are taken by ingesting through the digestive system, rather than being injected directly into the bloodstream. Many people consider them to be the best solution for HCG intake, as they are more convenient to use than HCG injections, but still efficient enough to provide the proper balance of HCG needed during the course of the diet, considering that the correct HCG drops dosage is applied. They remain one of the most popular forms of HCG intake, largely due to their mix of convenience and efficiency. HCG drops are usually sold in HCG drops kits. These kits usually consist of the liquid drops packaged in a bottle, with a syringe that is used to administer the drops orally.

How to Take HCG Drops

The question of how to take the HCG drops is always an important one to answer before proceeding with the HCG diet. If you purchased an HCG drops kit, then you will have everything that you need in order to start taking the drops. Most HCG drops kits usually just consist of a bottle with an administering syringe of some form, either as a squeeze-top dropper that is part of the bottle’s cap, or as a separate administering dropper.

hcg instruction

Specific instructions on how to take HCG diet drops may depend on the package that you purchase, but most HCG drops kits will be administered in the same way. With your specific kit of HCG drops, how to take them may depend on the amounts that are possible with the administering dropper, so make sure that you read the instructions incuded with the drops carefully.

Keep in mind, though, that there is more to know about how to take HCG drops than just the actual administering of the drops. HCG drops need to be taken on a schedule that coincides with your HCG diet, and they need to be taken daily. The amount of drops will probably depend both on your specific HCG diet plan, as well as the actual kinds of drops that you get, so it can’t be overstated how important it is to make sure that you read the instructions on how to take the HCG drops carefully.

As for how long you can take HCG drops, this again will depend on your specific diet plan. Generally, HCG drops should be taken daily for the first 28 days of your diet, and then your HCG intake will cease after this. However, there are variations to the HCG diet that can increase or decrease the amount of time that the drops are taken, but most plans have a similar set amount of days in which to take the HCG drops. Make sure you pay special attention to the instructions for your specific plan so that you are not missing any days.

General Instructions

You should start taking the HCG drops from the very first day of your HCG diet, which will probably be a “binge” day during the Loading Phase. These instructions should be followed carefully for each day of your HCG diet until it is instructed to stop taking the drops, Again, how long you can take HCG drops will depend on your specific diet protocol, so pay special attention to this detail.

For each time that you take HCG drops, it is important to not eat or drink anything for at least 30 minutes prior to administering the drops. This is important as the drops will be placed in your mouth and then left to sit there to be absorbed into your bloodstream through the membrane in your mouth and under your tongue.

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When the drops are taken, administer the drops into your mouth underneath your tongue. You will usually place about 8 to 10 drops here at a time, but pay attention to the specific instructions included with your HCG drops kit in order to make sure that you know how to take HCG drops correctly. Once you have administered the HCG drops dose, wait at least 1 minute with the drops sitting there to allow as much as possible to be absorbed into your bloodstream through the membrane lining, and then swallow whatever liquid remains. After administration of the drops, do not eat or drink anything for at least 30 minutes afterwards.

Correct Dosage

The exact HCG drops dosage will often depend on the specific HCG diet protocol you are following, as well as the actual HCG drops kit that you have ordered. With each different kit of HCG drops, how to take them may differ, so pay attention to the instructions! It is important to know the correct dosage to take, as the HCG diet protocol can depend heavily on how much HCG is taken daily. Make sure that any HCG drops kit you buy is meant to be used with your specific protocol, as it will usually contain the right amount of liquid needed during the course of the diet.

In general, though, you will be administering between 8 to 10 drops at a time 3 times a day during the course of the diet. When administering the drops, make sure that each drop is counted as it falls into your mouth. Do not squeeze the dropper unnecessarily hard, as this will result in more liquid being administered as is necessary. Stick with this plan, and schedule your drops between your meals so that you are not eating or drinking anything during the timeframe that you take your drops.

Taking HCG Drops the Right Way

With careful planning, good research into the HCG drops that you buy, and strict adherence to your diet schedule, you should be well on your way to getting to your target weight. Just remember to follow the instructions on how to take HCG diet drops carefully and correctly, and everything will be good!