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You may or may not understand the specifics of how your body detoxes. To begin with, you can start your HCG diet without the need to follow any type of diet detox protocols you may have seen or heard about. The reason this is unnecessary is because the HCG 2.0 has already built in the detox. You may be one of the many individuals who have seen information regarding this program on Facebook because the topic has become quite common. It is possible the reason so many people are wondering about detoxing is because a lot of HCG providers offer an upsell for the HCG diet detox protocol. This is their way of making a little bit more money but you do not need to be concerned about the detoxification aspect.

hcg diet detox

Detoxing Your Body

The detoxification supplements you were recommended may have some benefits for your health. This is dependent on the type of supplement. Yes, they are frequently recommended. The most important aspect of the detoxification process is your liver. You may not realize the main function is detoxification. You could combine all the bio-chem textbooks with all the bio-chemistry knowledge in the world and it still would not equal what your liver already knows. It is the world’s most efficient lab for catalyzing and producing bio-chemical reactions. During the period of time you spend sleeping every night, your liver can change carbs into fat, fat into carbs and alcohol into sugar. You will never find a better way for detoxification that with that one vital organ.

The Clean Eating Principle

You may already be aware the HCG 2.0 was developed around the principle of clean eating. This is commonly called a whole food diet. Yes, this means you will need to go through the loading phase which is very similar to the protocol for the original HCG diet. This means you will be giving your diet a jump start by eating as many foods as you can that are high in fat for a period of two days. Once you have completed this phase, you will be eating lean protein, vegetables and an adequate amount of fats.

The Standard American Diet

These types of foods are commonly referred to as SAD’s. The acronym is appropriate because these foods are not designed for your health but their shelf life, are highly processed and filled with preservatives. These foods often remain on the shelves in the stores for years. This is why shopping the perimeters is so important. Everything you will find here will be fresh. It is important for you to understand if the diet you usually consume is high in sugar or most especially the high fructose corn syrup so often contained in soda, you will struggle a bit. This will only be an issue during the early stages of the HCG protocol because you will be getting the processed sugars out of your system. This may result in achy joints or headaches during the first week or two of your detoxification.

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The Cali Kicker

If you are still concerned about the detoxification process, there are a lot of dieters who made the choice to use a simple detox often referred to as the Cali Kicker. When some dieters experience an HCG protocol stall, they turn to the Cali Kicker. Stalls are more common for women than men during the HCG program. Water retention is often misinterpreted as a stall. It is important to understand stalls are unlikely because you will be in an extremely optimal state of ketosis. You can be assured even when your weight is not decreasing, you are still burning off fat. The bottom line is an HCG diet detox really is not necessary before you start your HCG protocol. All you need to do is start the loading process, give your body the chance to handle everything else and believe you will end up exactly where you want to be.