How the HCG Diet Can Help Diabetes?

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It’s no secret that losing weight can help you feel better. It’s easier to be get around, your joints will ache less and some pre-existing medical conditions can be improved substantially after losing some pounds and improving your health. That’s especially the case with Type 2 Diabetes. This type of Diabetes is the most common form and it can be brought on by weight gain and a sedentary lifestyle. And it’s a vicious circle for people with Type 2 Diabetes who are trying to get healthier while still keeping their blood sugar under control.

HCG Diet Help Diabetes

But it’s tough problem losing weight. Traditional diets are difficult to follow and problem is that most people can’t exercise each day at the level required to drop substantial amounts of weight. Most people have the willpower to lose weight, but they need a little help getting across the finish line and get the full benefit of all their hard work.

What You Need To Know

A combination of exercise and an effective diet can have a substantial impact on your Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes. And many people have found the most effective diet for them is the HCG diet. The HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadatropin) Diet was first developed in the 1950s and was found to be an effective way to diet. But users had to take the HCG supplement via a shot, which limited the effectiveness and ease of the diet.

Luckily for everyone, the invention of HCG drops makes it easy to follow the program and improve their health. Clinical tests have shown the oral drops to provide the same benefit as the injections and they are much easier to use. You will drop pounds and you will also have a substantial impact on your type 2 Diabetes.

How It Works

Each day you take a few drops of HCG, which will help reset the way you burn calories. Typically, when you consume fewer calories than your body requires each day, your body begins consuming muscle instead of fat. These drops reset your body to burn excess body fat first, helping you to lose excess pounds and get the full benefit of your hard work. And as you drop the pounds, you’ll also find it easier to control your Type 2 Diabetes and your blood sugar levels and stay on the program.

The 500 Calorie Menu

As part of the HCG diet program, it is recommended that you consume about 500 calories a day. While that might not sound like a lot of calories, one of the things you’ll find is that taking the oral drops will help keep you from feeling hungry. So it will be a win-win scenario for anyone with Type 2 Diabetes trying to lose pounds, improve their health or keep their blood sugar under control.

How To Maintain Your Loss

Once you hit your fitness goal, you’ll be tempted to just stop your diet program. But it’s important to gradually ease back into a more normal lifestyle, so you are able to keep the full benefit of your work. Especially since the loss of a lot of pounds has likely substantially lowered your blood sugar levels and perhaps even taken care of your Type 2 Diabetes.

After you stop taking the daily oral drops, continued to follow your 500 calorie a day program for two or three days to allow your body to settle into a routine and not cause a problem. Then slowly reintroduce more food into your program, monitoring your weight so that you don’t gain more than a couple of pounds over the number you had when you stopped the drops. And the beauty of this program is that if you need a bit of a refresher or begin having issues with your Type 2 Diabetes, you can go back on the program and restart using the drops at any point without a problem. This is a lifelong health plan that doesn’t require a lifetime commitment in order to work.