The Differences Between the Keto Diet & HCG Diet

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Americans are always trying fad diets to help them decrease body fat and improve their eating habits. With so many to choose from, it’s difficult to figure out which one is best for you. The ketogenic and HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin diet are the latest craze and have shown positive results. There are many similarities and differences between when it comes to each plan.

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Similarities Between The HCG And The Ketogenic Diet

The HCG diet is a low-carb plan that is designed to increase energy and stimulate fat burn. Keto diets rely on your body’s stored fat to use as a source of energy. This will cause your system to burn more fat in a shorter period. The HCG diet is similar in the sense that it forces your body into a state of ketosis. On HCG or keto, depriving yourself of carbohydrates is not harmful. It causes your system to break down fat in the liver and will produce ketones. This results in blood sugar control, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, stabilized hunger and stimulates weight loss.

The Difference Between The HCG and Keto Diet

The most significant difference between the HCG and keto diet is that the HCG plan requires that you include daily injections or drops of the hormone. The HCG hormone is necessary to enhance physical performance, weight loss, and regulate the metabolism. The HCG drops or injections help optimize weight loss while controlling your appetite. You must also commit to an eating plan that does not exceed 500 calories per day. You will include more vegetables in your diet and limit fat.

With the keto diet, there is no maximum limit on the number of calories you can consume. You can eat as much as you want, but eating high fat on this program will help control your appetite. On the keto diet, you should increase your fat intake while limiting carbohydrates and protein. The difference with the HCG diet is that it is low-fat and allows the body to use fat stored in the thighs, buttocks, and belly for energy.

Is The Keto Diet Safe?

There is speculation that the keto diet is only effective short-term and could be considered unhealthy. Many believe that the majority of weight lost is water weight. When you enter ketosis, your body begins to lose muscle mass and could create fatigue making it harder to lose body fat. Due to the high-fat content, it can also be dangerous for those who have liver issues or kidney disease. Some argue that the keto diet can be harmful to the heart. However, other physicians have found success with the plan for patients with type 2 diabetes to improve insulin sensitivity.

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Is The HCG Diet Safe?

The FDA is not a fan of the HCG diet and advises consumers to stay away from products that contain HCG. Some experts believe that HCG products can increase the risk for cancer and encourage the production of androgen cells. However, many people rave about their fat loss success on the HCG diet plan. Any regimen that only requires you to eat 500 to 800 calories per day is bound to cause you to lose body fat. On HCG, drastically limiting your food intake can cause irregular heartbeat, gallstone formation, and an imbalance of electrolytes. Side effects of HCG include restlessness, fatigue, fluid buildup, swelling, and irritability.

The HCG diet plan makes it simple to figure out what to eat and what not to. Keto requires more effort to keep track of and calculate what you’re eating. However, you have more of a variety of foods you can eat. Whichever diet plan you choose, you should always consult with your physician first who can best explain the difference between these diets. Both regimens should be attempted while under medical supervision. There are healthy changes you can make that can lead to permanent fat loss. Getting regular exercise and eating a well-balanced diet is a great place to start.