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Reaching weight loss goals through the HCG diet is the first phase of a new lifestyle. The journey to a new life requires commitment not just during the diet phase but after as well. Understanding balance from now on is vital for weight management, as it’s the only way to achieve longevity. After Phase 1 and Phase 2, you’ll begin to approach the final Phase. This is the most important phase, as it is where you’ll learn how to keep the weight you’ve lost off.

life after hcg diet

Life After HCG Diet – What To Expect

  • Tracking Macros
    Counting every calory you eat might sound obsessive, but doing so will become second nature post weight loss. Every fruit, carb, food, and basically calory that enters your body will determine whether you gain the weight back or not. Utilizing a calory counting app can make monitoring your macros much easier during Phase 3. If you want to be more hands on, you can instead write every calory consumed down in a notebook. Although tedious to do at times, calory counting is the most important part of Phase 3.
  • Implementing Exercising
    During the HCG diet, it isn’t often recommended to do high intensity workouts. However, throughout Phase 3, you will find that regular physical activity will become a huge part of your regime. During the final phase, you’ll constantly want to add more food into your diet. Implementing exercise every week will simply help to stunt cravings.
  • Increased Calories
    At Phase 3, it’s required to begin consuming more than 500 calories. The body needs every calory during this phase to sustain energy. This transitional phase should be gradual. Take this process week by week if you have to. Although the amount of food is increased, it’s still vital to choose every calory wisely. Maintaining weight can only be done when a healthy lifestyle is found suitable for your individual needs. Adding healthier food with decent carb content like fruit into the diet can also keep you from splurging on unnecessary sweets.
  • More Knowledgeable
    Being more aware of food and its calory content is what you should expect to gain during Phase 3. During this process you’ll see how your body reacts to certain food or fruit as well. You’ll understand better how not every calory from fruit is good. Every week during this phase, you’ll also notice how much easier it is to keep the weight off when you know you have a healthier relationship with food.
    This phase is also a time for you to not be afraid of eating a carb a few times a week. Achieving balance with fruit and veggies along with a healthy carb amount is what living a healthy lifestyle is about. Phase 3 is the most important because it’s a phase that’ll you’ll be in for as long as you live. Counting every calory shouldn’t be seen as the enemy rather a necessity for weight control. Understanding every fruit and carb better will simply make every week during this phase much easier. Once you’re at Phase 3 and capable to maintain your weight, you’ll finally live the life you’ve always wanted.